[Blog] How to celebrate fall in Brussels


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus

Timidly setting one foot down on the cold floor in the morning. Moaning about leaving gently warm covers. Shivering all the way to the bathroom. Yes, fall is here.

In the midst of humid cool mornings and scrambling for one’s scarf stacked away in April, fall is strangely exhilarating and comforting at the same time.

Fall in Brussels finds a contradiction between melancholy and excitement. The blues of autumn are swiftly gone once you step outside, feel the fresh air and timid sun on your face. Sometimes, friendships deepen, new classes start, and Brussels cultural scene glows in the night, whether it be in Museum Nocturnes or one of the coziest bars in the city – think of Goupil le Fol. On the other hand, your friend won’t shame for staying at home with a cup of tea and… Netflix.

What is the smoothest transition between your fresh cocktail on a terrace to Christmas’s market warm wine?

Well, hearty beers -Belgian, of course-, thick socks and walks in the forêt de Soignes while trees display beautiful colorful shades, reminding us of nature’s cycle. On the more urban side, you can still enjoy heated terraces at Place St-Géry. In the kitchen, don’t forget to indulge in seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin soups, creamy mushrooms and roasted game, that hearten your soul and emboldens your body for the cloudy months to come.

Fall gently reminds you to live in the moment, by no more longing for summer nights and impatiently waiting for an upcoming spring. No, fall is enough.


Some places to go:

  • A restaurantFor delicious and hearty duck-based dishes, in a warm, traditional and cosy environment, check out Domaine de Lintillac, within a stone’s throw of St. Catherine. 
  • A brunchA busy neighborly café that serves one of the best brunches in town – a variety of menus, going from the lightest salmon to the most generous combination of flavors (yes, “rillettes” are served). Chez Franz, between Châtelain and Molière.
  • A barGoupil le fol is the epitome of Brussels’ quirky and cosy. Situated right  next to Grand Place, just soak in the atmosphere, sink in soft couches, listen to french music and sip on their own production of fruity wines.
  • A cultural activity: A couple of different museums open from 5p.m. to 10p.m every Thursday with reduced prices (3€, 1.5€ 25 and under). It’s an original way to discover collections that otherwise would have remained undercover. Check what musuems are opening next Thursday Brussels museum nocturnes
  • A walkForêt de Soignes, of course. Being surrounded by colorful trees, in shades of red, orange, brown and yellow, is a beautiful sight to see and air to breathe before the naked months of winter. It borders the south of Brussels – Ixelles and Uccle.
Photo credit: Anthony Sutterman

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