[Blog] Salvadoran LGBTI Activists Join Forces in Mega Lobbying Association


On June 30 2017, 16 LGBTI associations from El Salvador formed a common front through the new “LGBT Federated Association”. A new chapter for the LGBTI rights’ advocacy in the small Central American country is about to open. Their first priority: lobbying to survive.

The Salvadoran LGBTI community suffers from El Salvador’s rampant insecurity and impunity – most murders of gays, lesbians and trans go by without an investigation. LGBTI activists blame the public prosecutor and current government for failing to protect them and disregarding the cause.

So to better lobby policymakers and the prosecutor, the dispersed LGBTI associations came together. For life, for rights, for health. Equal marriage and adoption are not an option yet.

“The topic of marriage is not a priority for LGBTI organizations [in El Salvador]. There is no point to be allowed to marry if they keep killing us,” says William Hernández to El Faro, long-time leader of the LGBT cause and director of Asociación Entre Amigos.

The 16 organizations used to compete for international cooperation funds and disagree on how many people were victims of hate crime. Now, they want the Asociación Federada LGBT to become a legal entity in order to receive funds and establish a body to monitor human rights’ violations.

But the enlarged association not only wants to lobby. It also plans on creating a political training school for LGBTI activists and launch awareness campaigns.

By uniting their data-collection system, creating a common pot and streamlining their vision, the LGBTI community in El Salvador could making history in Central America.


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