[CNS] In Puebla, Mexico, where churches don’t stand after an earthquake, people still pray

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PUEBLA, Mexico (CNS) — The legend goes that there are 365 churches in San Pedro Cholula, one for every day of the year.

However, in the aftermath of the Sept. 19 earthquake, nearly every colorful and picturesque church is fractured and security perimeters make sure congregants cannot access them. Residents fear more might still tumble.

“Don’t climb there, the structure could erode,” shouted Margarita Tecanhuehue, warning a child who was climbing a column in the patio of St. Peter Parish southeast of Mexico City. She volunteers to guard the small chapel of the damaged church.

“We mourn when we see our churches like this, and not because they are beautiful,” Tecanhuehue told Catholic News Service. “They are our sanctuaries, our places of worship.”

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