About me

I am a freelance journalist based in Mexico City.  I cover Mexico and Central America on issues related to identity, economy and culture. These angles permeate how I cover international relations as well. 

If you'd like my contribution, please get in touch. I also write in Spanish and French.

Born in California from a Salvadoran mother and a Belgian father, I graduated with a master's in political science in Brussels and I worked at the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium. Later, I delved into journalism to cover topics and regions I care about. 

You'll find on this website my portfolio and blog snippets. I'm all for respectful debates and love hearing new perspectives.

I also co-host a travel blog with Anthony, my other half, on our experiences in Mexico. You can have a look at it (in English and in French) here: http://toutplaquer.wordpress.com/

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